24 is an experimental research book synthesized and created during my time in Barcelona. The book consists of 24 Barcelona-orientated designers. The book is organized weekly, spanning 6 weeks, with 4 designers existing each week. Each new section is defined by a respected graphic and paper. The beginning of each work displays a diagram of plus’s on transparency paper. As you progress through each week, a new grouping of 4 plus logos is added, indicating each designer. Each designer is introduced on vellum with details indicating what design category they fall under. Their respective work follows with 1 paragraph of information and 3 examples of works titles printed on standard opaque paper. A graphic indicating the additive designers in each category is displayed on the vellum to finish the respective section. The book is enclosed with a hardcover and naked stitch binding.

The overarching concept of the book is the transparency one’s work shows in relationship to one’s personality and developed unique style. With work output comes the externalization of one’s persona, and I truly believe our work reflects who we are. Using 3 different paper types allows transparency to play a heavy aspect in the visual communication of this book. As each designer is introduced on vellum, one can see their work truly exists inside the respected designer. Instantly, one gets a feel for who they are. With pages being able to be seen through one another, new connections, visions, and outcomes can come to life every time one opens the book. The way pages interact with one another, every detail, big or small, affects its surrounding assets uniquely.

Release  +  04 09 24

Print + 9.Disseny

Binding + Encar

Photo + @cameron_taggart

  Software + Indesign -- Photoshop